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Inspected home by Advanced Home Inspections.

What Really Matters In a Home Inspection? 

Our Services

Why Choose Advanced Home Inspections?

  • We

    • Walk On Roofs

      • ​​For close up views of hidden valleys and flashing​​

    • Crawl Under Homes

    • Enter Attics

    • Wear Clean Shoes while inside

    • Exceed Louisiana Standards of Practice SOP

    • Use Infrared Technology

      • Heat Loss, HVAC, Moisture and Water Leak Detection, and Electrical

    • Offer Buy Back Guarantee

      • If we miss anything "We'll Buy Your House Back" backed by InterNACHI".​​

    • Offer Mold Testing

  • We Have

    • Universal Refrigerant License and HVAC Experience

    • 30 Years Electrical Experience​​

    • Experienced Firefighting and Fire Prevention 

    • ​​​32 Years Safety Training

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