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Buy Back Guarantee

We inspect every accessible door, window and receptacle in the home or building.

Our Services

Standards of Practice (SOP) requires a representative number of windows, interior doors, and electrical receptacles to be inspected. Advanced Home Inspections will perform a full evaluation of the home.


  • Inspect ALL accessible Windows, Doors, Receptacles

  • Walk-on Roof Inspections​

    • Drone video used for hazardous roofs​

  • Access Attics

  • Inspect Under Raised Homes on Piers

  • Wear Clean Shoes for Interior

  • Use Infrared Technology

    • Walls and Ceilings Missing Insulation​

    • Moisture 

      • Piping water leaks​

      • HVAC & water tank drip pans

    • Electrical Panels and Service 

    • Air Duct Leaks, loss of energy​​

Other Contributing Values

  • 30 Years of Electrical and Technical Experience​​

    • Reduce unnecessary referrals to contractors and engineers​​​

  • 32 Years of extensive Safety training

  • Experienced Firefighting and Fire Prevention 

  • Universal Refrigerant License and HVAC Experience

    • Extensive knowledge of HVAC systems​

    • Determine when necessary to contact licensed HVAC contractor

    • Advice maintaining HVAC system

  • Buy Back Guarantee

    • If we miss anything "We'll Buy Your Home Back" backed by InterNACHI

    • Avoid financial burdens due to lack of information when negotiating a purchase.​​

Red Roof

What Really Matters In a Home Inspection? 

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